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Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn Mabry was born in Cartersville, Georgia


“I remember I would set up a stage in the back of my Dad’s Red 1980’s Chevrolet pickup. My audiences were my stuffed animals and baby dolls, all sorted carefully in lawn chairs to view the stage perfectly. I remember using a broom or a rake as a microphone.  I would spend all day in my imagination”. These were her early memories…


From this young age Amanda knew she had the gift (or burden) of writing songs. In her own words, “I always felt like I had something to say and I was on a mission that most people around me would never understand, but I had to do it. Nothing else could ever fulfill me.” And as much as I ran from writing songs, they would always seem to hunt me down and find me.


Her influences include whatever was on popular radio and the melodies from a one room, foot washing Baptist church. There she heard the beautiful sound of an upright piano and soul-felt harmonies; of which is rarely seen or heard in churches anymore.


Growing up with young, divorced parents she was often back and forth, rarely feeling a sense of belonging. This is why Amanda says the road life of ‘always on the move’ fits her fine. “I get nervous when I stay in one place too long. It feels too stagnant, like the sky is about to fall on me, or the walls are caving in. I feel I will wear out my welcome too quickly,” she replies. She went through her entire childhood with a sort of tug of war.  “I am meant to fly. I’m nothing.  I am meant to fly.  I’m nothing.  I am meant to fly. My grandma always saw my light. Without her, I’m not sure I would have kept up this fight.”


Moving and searching from Atlanta to Nashville to Austin and then back to Atlanta and Nashville has given Amanda a new reflection on life, music, touring, songs, demons, and dreams.


Going through songwriting, publishing, label, and singing turmoil, she finally met up with producer Billy Smiley in Franklin, TN in 2017, who seemed to understand along with her what it was she was still looking for. She came to him with arms full of ideas and melodies and after spending many hours and days in the studio pounding out lyrics, melodies and songs together, Amanda felt like she had almost come full circle … words like ”When you comin’ home sugar, you ain’t never left this Georgia clay, that mud is woven tightly way down deep in my veins” totally described the sentiment and feelings of this Southern girl and her journey.


Going into the studio with veteran players and engineers who performed and recorded with artists she admired like Sturgill Simpson, Ryan Adams, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Kacey Musgraves, and Fleetwood Mac, she now feels one step closer to seeing her voice and songs heard and become what she was meant to become.


“I know what I am, and where I come from, A strong woman raised on dysfunctional love, but I’ll get my time to shine…cuz’ he turned water into wine.”




Wild Child Booking

Jennifer Starrett

West Coast Agent:

Dylan Matos



Billy Smiley / Northern Shore Productions – Studio D

112 Seaboard Lane

Franklin, TN 37067

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